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Flight Training

Why choose RexAir as your flight school?

At RexAir, Flight Training is what we do. You will not find a better school to meet your Flight Training needs. From our experienced professional staff, to our internationally recognized curriculum, your flight training experience here at RexAir will be second to none.

Our top priority is helping you to achieve your aviation goals, whether you want to fly on the weekends for fun, or you are preparing for a career as a professional pilot. Our Flight Training programs are personalized, not a “one-size-fits-all”, but specifically tailored to you, and your schedule.

We offer Flight Training for all Single-Engine Land, and Multi-Engine Land Certifications, from Private Pilot through ATP. RexAir is also recognized by the United States Department of State as a Certified FAA flight school to provide training for our International Students. International customers will find additional information by following our International Student Information link for Visa and TSA information.


Private Pilot License

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Multi Engine License

Airline Transport Pilot License

Certified Flight Instructor

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