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Customer Reviews

Daniel Kennedy (9/15/2020)

I would not look any farther than the staff at Rexair for all your aviation needs! I walked in two years ago with hopes of attaining my Private Pilot’s License having only a small window of time to make this possible! I am excited to say that after spending just over a month working with the incredible staff and flying with excellent instructors, I became a licensed pilot! I cannot tell you how fortunate I am to have met such a team that goes the extra mile to accommodate my requests while staying flexible with my schedule! After further instruction and assistance while at Rexair, I am excited to have recently earned my Instrument Rating! I am looking forward to future instruction and with this excellent flight school! I want to send a big THANK YOU to Donna for scheduling and arranging my aircraft and instructors, to my instructor Israel, who has a wealth of knowledge with the patience of a saint, for pushing me to reach this goal, and to Josh on the line for making sure my aircraft is ready for every lesson no matter what day or time I am able to fly!

Adrian Murer (3/10/2020)

Thanks again for the organization of my flight trip of last week. Your perfect organization and assistance was great and highly appreciated. We had to shorten our trip a little due to the very bad weather in the north but we had a wonderful time. N416CE is a great plane and was just flawless. I will for sure be back soon.

Robin E. Menard Naples Airport Authority (11/25/2019)

Hi Raul, Maura, Mario and Israel,

I wanted to thank each of you for the hospitality you extended to the Olson family yesterday.  I spoke with Ann Olson today, and she said that the airport experience was beyond anything she could have ever imagined.  She especially talked about the following:

  • Starting with Raul’s tour, he brought them to the Observation area, Control Tower and then over to the Fire Station where her 19-year old grandson, Caleb, was able to get into the Oshkosh Stryker 1500 fire truck that is typically manned by one person. Firefighter Klein Gifford exercised the front turret – WOW was Caleb impressed with that.  In fact, Raul took a video of this exercise, and I will somehow get that over to Ann so that she can send it to her grandson.
  • Raul then brought the Olson family to Flexjets where Maura graciously entertained them with wine, apple juice (Caleb’s request), and other cold beverages along with cheese and crackers, shrimp, crudite, and little desserts.  Ann said that everything was so delicious.  During their time there, a Gulfstream had just landed and Maura went out of her way to continue the airport experience by giving them a personal tour inside the aircraft.  They were so impressed and that just topped it all off . . . until
  • Their final destination to RexAir where Mario (I assume it was you, Mario, since she said it was a gentleman who was clearly in charge) and the pilot from Barcelona (Israel?) greeted them.  She said that they were both so nice.  In talking, the pilot learned that Caleb had a few flying hours, so when they went on the sunset ride, Caleb was actually able to fly the airplane.  Their 19-year old grandson was so thrilled and awestruck to be given this opportunity.  Ann said they traveled all the way down the Gulf Coast to Marco Island.  She said it was absolutely beautiful.  The moment they landed back at the airport, the first thing Caleb did was call his parents to tell them how fantastic the entire afternoon was and then to be able to fly the plane topped it all off.

I felt so much excitement in Ann’s voice.  Ann said that her heart was filled with joy that she and her husband were able to share this wonderful airport experience with their grandson.  She said it was a memorable day for all three of them and she couldn’t thank us enough that we were able to put this together in such a short period of time.  So, it was all of you who made this an amazing airport experience, and again, I wanted to thank you for being so accommodating at a very busy time at the airport!

Thanks so much!

Tony Pan (8/6/2019)

I did my part 141 Private and Instrument training at RexAir. It is definitely a professional flight school that you can trust and work with. I finished both my trainings in less than 3 months as my flight instructor has a flexible schedule and I trained as a full time student. I eventually got 100% score on my private pilot written exam and also passed the check ride first time, thanks to RexAir and my instructor, Israel. Without them I wouldn’t of been able to have got my license in such a short amount of time. I would definitely come back again!

Thomas Arnold (02/16/18)

Most welcoming and accommodating away from home shop that I have dealt with. Replaced a crankcase oil seal for me for me in a timely fashion.

Robbie Hart (07/20/17)

Rex Air brokered my airplane puchase and provided my transition training. They were a pleasure to work with and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone. A+++

Jim Peters (03/31/17)

I took your pilot refresher course last year and did my check ride just before returning to Wisconsin. As I told Lisa, I still felt I needed more so took the ground school this year. I have been away from aviation for 45 years, with little interest until last year. Your instructor Chad was so helpful in helping me get some skill back. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Uwe Heizmann (2/28/17)

November 2016, I came to Naples with my wife and friends from Ireland, US and Germany. Since I had a German PPL there was quite a bit of paperwork to handle and other stuff to be organized. Lisa, Rex and Sonya got all difficulties squared away and I was able to get airborne -tice- the first day I arrived. Great job! Kyle and Jim got me through the required training in no time and ever so professional. For a week we had 2 perfectly maintained aircraft available whenever we wanted and had such a great time. Thank you so much for a most wonderful stay in Naples. I will be back in June this year and look forward to meeting you all again!

Julie Wang (10/11/16)

I want to thank all the wonderful people at RexAir that helped make my solo around-the-world flight a success, including especially Rex and Lisa and instructor pilots Kyle and Jim. They got me through the Cirrus transition training extremely efficiently and took great care of me when I was in Naples. When it came time to hop into my own SR22 I was really very prepared. Hope to see you guys again soon.

Robert and Kathi Wilkinson (4/12/16)

f you need a base in the Naples area to rent or train then look no further than RexAir. This is a highly professional outfit with good aircraft and great instructors, maintenance and great hands on management. I did my private recertification with RexAir in record time and my wife has begun her private training with RexAir. What began as a one-time flight experience as a Christmas gift has now evolved into a full time commitment to achieving my private pilot’s license. This wonderful life changing challenge is due to the support and encouragement of the RexAir staff, particularly Lisa and Rex but also the instructors and office staff. We have spent the past 5 months making regular visits at the facility and getting to know them all has been so rewarding. Our time throughout the 10-week informative ground school and scheduled flight instruction sessions supported our success. We look forward to our return in the fall to see our new friends at RexAir again.

Philipp Jebens (03/23/16)

I am a low time German private pilot and have spent these past two weeks in Naples to build hours and fly as much as possible, splitting the time between RexAir and European American. I cannot recommend both flight schools highly enough. At RexAir, I have been able to rent a 2015 Skylane and a 2011 SR20 and flown with three different instructors, all of them professional and very likable. The services were outstanding through and through and very personal. RexAir had put together a program tailored to my needs, helped me organize the validation of my license and my BFR as well as made sure that I gain my high performance endorsement, all of that wrapped around a 141-“Pilot Refresher Course”. I am determined to come back to Naples and RexAir for more!

Eric Wagner (02/12/16)

Excellent experience at Rexair! Lisa was great organizing things prior to my visit and Chad, Justin and Kyle did a great job getting me current again. Take the opportunity to go up in the Cirrus for an intro flight.

Michael Keane (02/03/16)

I arrived at Naples on Friday afternoon. My plane lost brake pressure and the strut was low. Will worked on it right away and Saturday as well. My plane was ready to go on Sunday. The staff couldn’t have been nicer and the prices were very reasonable.

Gary Padilla (01/04/2016)

I did my Cirrus SR22 Transitions Training with RexAir. And Chris Favro and Kyle. They are a Cirrus Certified Training Center and were more than accommodating. Friendly staff. Rented an SR22 for the air work. I can’t praise them too highly. Wonderful to work with. Thanks Rex, Chris, Kyle & Lisa. Highly recommended.

Peter Vitz (12/03/2015)

Completed my PPL CheckRide on Dec 1st at Page with Examiner Sean Capper – the oral was challenging and fair as well as the flying. Many thanks to RexAir to supporting and the professional and flexible handling. Next step instrument 🙂

Rick Fremaux, MD (9/12/2015)

We depart RexAir & KAPF tomorrow, WX permitting. I have been a pilot since the 1960’s. RexAir is the BEST small FBO I have ever visited! One caveat: if arriving or departing on a Sunday, prior arrangements are needed.

Steven T. Clayton (08/20/2015)

RexAir was fantastic. Everyone was super friendly and they were ready for me with the car, etc. The plane was washed AND vacuumed (after transporting my hairy dog BTW, so that was no small task and one that I now do NOT have to do!) and waiting for me first thing in the AM. Nice customer service experience. (Editor’s Note: Customer brought his aircraft to RexAir for maintenance.)

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