custOmer's comments

Thomas Arnold (02/16/18)

Most welcoming and accommodating away from home shop that I have dealt with. Replaced a crankcase oil seal for me for me in a timely fashion.

Robbie Hart (07/20/17)

Rex Air brokered my airplane puchase and provided my transition training. They were a pleasure to work with and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone. A+++

Jim Peters (03/31/17)

I took your pilot refresher course last year and did my check ride just before returning to Wisconsin. As I told Lisa, I still felt I needed more so took the ground school this year. I have been away from aviation for 45 years, with little interest until last year. Your instructor Chad was so helpful in helping me get some skill back. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Uwe Heizmann (2/28/17)

November 2016, I came to Naples with my wife and friends from Ireland, US and Germany. Since I had a German PPL there was quite a bit of paperwork to handle and other stuff to be organized. Lisa, Rex and Sonya got all difficulties squared away and I was able to get airborne -tice- the first day I arrived. Great job! Kyle and Jim got me through the required training in no time and ever so professional. For a week we had 2 perfectly maintained aircraft available whenever we wanted and had such a great time. Thank you so much for a most wonderful stay in Naples. I will be back in June this year and look forward to meeting you all again!

Julie Wang (10/11/16)

I want to thank all the wonderful people at RexAir that helped make my solo around-the-world flight a success, including especially Rex and Lisa and instructor pilots Kyle and Jim. They got me through the Cirrus transition training extremely efficiently and took great care of me when I was in Naples. When it came time to hop into my own SR22 I was really very prepared. Hope to see you guys again soon.

Robert and Kathi Wilkinson (4/12/16)

f you need a base in the Naples area to rent or train then look no further than RexAir. This is a highly professional outfit with good aircraft and great instructors, maintenance and great hands on management. I did my private recertification with RexAir in record time and my wife has begun her private training with RexAir. What began as a one-time flight experience as a Christmas gift has now evolved into a full time commitment to achieving my private pilot's license. This wonderful life changing challenge is due to the support and encouragement of the RexAir staff, particularly Lisa and Rex but also the instructors and office staff. We have spent the past 5 months making regular visits at the facility and getting to know them all has been so rewarding. Our time throughout the 10-week informative ground school and scheduled flight instruction sessions supported our success. We look forward to our return in the fall to see our new friends at RexAir again.

Philipp Jebens (03/23/16)

I am a low time German private pilot and have spent these past two weeks in Naples to build hours and fly as much as possible, splitting the time between RexAir and European American. I cannot recommend both flight schools highly enough. At RexAir, I have been able to rent a 2015 Skylane and a 2011 SR20 and flown with three different instructors, all of them professional and very likable. The services were outstanding through and through and very personal. RexAir had put together a program tailored to my needs, helped me organize the validation of my license and my BFR as well as made sure that I gain my high performance endorsement, all of that wrapped around a 141-"Pilot Refresher Course". I am determined to come back to Naples and RexAir for more!

Eric Wagner (02/12/16)

Excellent experience at Rexair! Lisa was great organizing things prior to my visit and Chad, Justin and Kyle did a great job getting me current again. Take the opportunity to go up in the Cirrus for an intro flight.

Michael Keane (02/03/16)

I arrived at Naples on Friday afternoon. My plane lost brake pressure and the strut was low. Will worked on it right away and Saturday as well. My plane was ready to go on Sunday. The staff couldnít have been nicer and the prices were very reasonable.

Gary Padilla (01/04/2016)

I did my Cirrus SR22 Transitions Training with RexAir. And Chris Favro and Kyle. They are a Cirrus Certified Training Center and were more than accommodating. Friendly staff. Rented an SR22 for the air work. I canít praise them too highly. Wonderful to work with. Thanks Rex, Chris, Kyle & Lisa. Highly recommended.

Peter Vitz (12/03/2015)

Completed my PPL CheckRide on Dec 1st at Page with Examiner Sean Capper - the oral was challenging and fair as well as the flying. Many thanks to RexAir to supporting and the professional and flexible handling. Next step instrument :-)

Rick Fremaux, MD (9/12/2015)

We depart RexAir & KAPF tomorrow, WX permitting. I have been a pilot since the 1960's. RexAir is the BEST small FBO I have ever visited! One caveat: if arriving or departing on a Sunday, prior arrangements are needed.

Steven T. Clayton (08/20/2015)

RexAir was fantastic. Everyone was super friendly and they were ready for me with the car, etc. The plane was washed AND vacuumed (after transporting my hairy dog BTW, so that was no small task and one that I now do NOT have to do!) and waiting for me first thing in the AM. Nice customer service experience. (Editorís Note: Customer brought his aircraft to RexAir for maintenance.)

Dr. Oliver Brock (11/11/2014)

I have safely returned to Germany meanwhile and would like to send a big "Thank you" to KAPF, RexAir (ie Lisa, Nigel and Joel) managed to get me into the air despite some minor bureaucratic issues, which could be resolved quickly. The Cirrus SR22 was in a meticulous condition, the lessons with Nigel were performed on time and were full of learning. The atmosphere in the air and on the ground was relaxed and quite familiar. Thanks again... If I will be around next time in FL be sure to expect me for flying!

David Bloomberg (4/1/2014)

During a visit to Fort Myers for some Spring training games, we booked an hour at RexAir in their C182T. We had a great time. As a 20 year pilot, ATP, and CFII/MEI, I can say that it was a pleasure flying with Nigel Beaulieu. He was a good guide, and he kept me out of trouble so the 182 will live to fly another day!

Martin Rice (3/22/2014)

I was in APF for a few days late January and selected RexAir to do the oil change. The oil change went fine, however a rookie line guy was instructed to move the airplane resulting in a 2" gouge through the paint on the nose wheel faring. We decided the only correct way to repair the damage was for me to send the faring off to Midwest Aircraft Refinishing. As I was preflighting to depart owner Rex Gasteiger approached me with apology after apology and promised to help see the repairs through and take care of the cost. Additionally Rex refused to allow me to pay for the oil change. Repairs were perfect with Midwest and Rex gets any and all of my MX on trips in and out of APF in the future! Highly recommend!

Olaf Weidner (2/28/14)

Very friendly staff, perfect maintained aircraft to rent, a pleasure to go with RexAir. Will come back 2015 100%!!!

Mike Miller (1/6/14)

Was looking to do a flight refreshing. Called RexAir. Lisa responded quickly and arranged for an instructor and airplane. The instructor was excellent as was the aircraft. I have 3600 TT and recently sold my plane. Goal is to keep flying monthly to stay current. Was in the Naples area over Christmas Season and thought that it would be nice to do a little air work. RexAir made it happen and it was a very enjoyable experience. Will definitely use their services again. Thanks.

Rob Alessi (6/27/13)

My 2nd experience with RexAir. The 1st experience was hard to beat, but they found a way to do it! Rex and Lisa are not only a couple of the best aviation ppl I know... They are the nicest ppl in general! Flew into KAPF from KSUA to scout some golf courses for an upcoming tournament and called ahead to Lisa to let her know we were coming and they offered to let us park for a few hours while we were there. It was a pretty routine trip until we tried to leave in the afternoon. Summer weather is unpredictable in FL and we got caught. Being a newer pilot, Rex and his team gave me great advice and kept making sure we were making safe decisions. Rex stayed with us late after hours and even offered us his car to go to a local dinner spot. He ended up dropping us off at the restaurant and gave us detailed instructions on how to get back to the airport and reach our plane if the weather cleared and we decided to leave that night. The best bad weather experience of my life. See you in November!

Roger Harr (6/27/13)

As a Swiss pilot who never before flew in the USA it war a wonderful experience to rent a SR20 from RexAir. Introduction flights with the Chief Flight Instructor David Crisp were a joy and the key for a wonderful aviation experience in Florida. RexAir is a clean, well organized and very professional flight center. I was flying around with N727ZZ for a full week and have memories for a lifetime. Thank you all - and I will come again:-)

Kyle O'Connell (2/27/13)

l started my flight training at another school and found myself becoming quite frustrated and disappointed in my lack of progress. After switching to RexAìr, I was treated with respect, impeccable service, and presented with a well thought out plan to finish my Private Pilot training. If you want to be an aviator, not just a pilot, then there is no other option for you than RexAir. I will be back for my Instrument Rating!

Jean Claude Dispaux (2/25/13)

l'll be the dissenting voice. Nice planes, very poor instructor, high prices.

Don Desfosse (2/21/13)

Visited Naples on vacation and got the bug to fly and check out the sights. I called and asked if they happened to have anyone and any of their planes available to a sightseeing flight in the next few days. "How about in a few hours?" Incredibly personable Lisa got me hooked up with a great flight instructor, Nigel and a fine C172. What a great family-run business, with great people! I felt just as at home with these folks as l do with my home FBO, also a great family-run business that treats me like family. I highly recommend RexAir to anyone looking for an FBO or even just visiting. All the best!

Ken Schleifer (2/11/13)

Needed to travel to Naples for a few days and couldn't risk the weather so my Saratoga remained in the hangar at MMU and flew commercial. Packed my logbook, headset, and some wishful thinking I could find a way to fly an airplane during my down time in Naples. Called RexAir and had a conversation with Lisa about my wish. Met up with one of their instructors, Nigel, on Saturday and had a great time, nice lunch, and a great flight to St Petersburg. Asked Nigel for availability on Sunday and said he would probably be able to do it later in the day. Set off in the afternoon on Sunday for Key West and it was my pleasure to buy Nigel dinner at Margaritaville. Wow... My wish for the weekend came true. Thanks Lisa, Rex, Nigel, and all the staff. You are the best. Had a great experience and wanted to let everyone know if you plan on heading to Naples these are the folks you need to call for whatever your aviation needs are.

Greg Hila (1/23/13)

I have been servicìng my plane with Rex Air for the past year. Everyone associated with Rex Air has been completely professional and helpful at all times. The level of attention to detail and concern that l have experienced has been second to none. These are terriffc people! Thanks

Gudjon Gudmundsson (11/29/12)

l came to RexAir with a friend of mine to build hours and tour the country. Rex, his wife Lisa and all of RexAir staff were extremely professional and helpful to say the least. Clearly a family company and they make you feel right at home. All of the planes were in excellent condition and his prices are fair. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking into hour building or taking their courses. I will be going back there.

William Schulenburg (10/23/12)

Recently visiting RexAir as a several-year-dormant private pilot, l was warmly welcomed by a friendly "family" of instructors, line personnel, and Rex himself. They were professional, patient, and pleasant, talking flying and answering all my questions with a helpful attitude. Though I hadn't planned to fly that day, their enthusiasm convinced me that RexAir would be a great fit for me, and my subsequent Dual time with John was extremely rewarding, re- introducing me to the joy of flight. I now have a new reason to travel to Naples- visiting and fiying with my friends at RexAìr. Thank you!!

Austin Byrd (9/14/12)

I was in Naples on business, and wanted to avoid the big FBOs like Naples Jet Center, Atlantic, and Signature. l also needed help finding a hotel and with a small project. Rex Gasteiger was an amazing help to me. He and his crew (including his wife) not only provided safe parking, cleaned my window, helped with luggage, but also found me a terrific deal on a nearby hotel, took me there in the evening and picked me up in the morning. l arrived a stranger, but departed a friend, and I'm looking forward to returning to Naples just to show my appreciation for all the great service and help l received. Thanks Rex & Co.

Joaquin Alfonso (7/8/12)

The 4th of July I decided to fly from Opa-Locka (Miami) to Naples for some lunch and get back home early to celebrate with my family. I had a great smooth landing, but when I was fully stopped, my left main tire was totally flat. I asked at the FBO to put some air in it, but we could hear the air coming out of the valve. It was cracked around it and needed to be replaced. It was a holiday, so I though that there was gonna be an on call assistance only. And there is where REXAIR came in place. They picked me up at the FBO within the 5 minutes that I called them and took me to their place. Beautiful hangar and office, I felt very comfortable. They had the tube for my tire on stock, they gave me a ride to a restaurant while they worked on my plane in the rain. When I got back, my plane was ready to go and the price was very reasonable. l am very thankful with REX, Robert (mechanic) and John (flight instructor). I finally got home on time and safe.

Ronald Damrill (6/3/12)

The best AirService I've ever visited. When small aircraft flying was at its peak the Air Services were outstanding. RexAir Service has maintained and far exceeded past traditions. While including current and future technology. THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Luke Grossmann (4/28/12)

Rexair was a very pleasant experience for us. We flew over from Daytona Beach Key West to Naples and took an opportunity of overnight parking with RexAir. The owner himself welcomed us. Very friendly and even provided shelter for our C-l72. When flying from Key West l forgot to put an oil cap back after oil refill and had to land in Marathon to find the airplane covered in oil. As we agreed later on with Rex (the owner), sometimes one must learn things the hard way. When we landed in Naples, not only that Rex welcomed us very friendly, but also provided a free service of cleaning the airplane from the oil. I have to say that was the best experience with aviation services ever. l would definitely recommend Rexair not only for overnight airplane parking when in Naples. Thank you Rex!

Gregory Willard (11/28/11)

My home base is North of Chicago and was planning to fly to Naples for the Thanksgiving holiday. I needed an oil change and called Rex's to arrange for the service during my stay. l arrived late Wednesday evening but they kept the lights on for me. Rex left me a personal note that incìuded his cell number wanting to know that l had safely arrived. He met me on Thanksgiving Day to put my plane in the hangar and then again on Sunday when I left. My experience was exceptional!

Uwe Hasselberg (11/20/11)

l came to RexAir form Germany for a refresher and for hour building. Service was
excellent, friendly and professional. The aircrafts were in outstanding good condition,clean and well equipped. Instructors explained everything in a professional manner. l can highly recommend this family managed flight school particularly as your business is very much appreciated.

Mike Esser (10/12/11)

The staff and ownership at RexAir are simply the best. Lisa and Rex made me feel welcome while showing me their top notch operation. Al Russo was an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable and effective. Look forward too going back, when I'm in town.

Olafur Thorberg (10/9/11)

What words can I say? AMAZING can't sum it up. Me and a buddy of mine flew our Piper Warrior from Beverly MA to Naples. Had an alternator failure while we were down there that fixed itself at first, but after a few days the issue came back and worse than ever. RexAir did their best to fix it but to no avail. Their work was top notch however, they didn't stop until they could find a resolution. Best wishes to Rex, Lisa Jirn, Al, Dave, and Butch for all their help/conversationdedication to making RexAir probably one ofthe best operations l've seen in a While. PS - Turns out the alternator issue was a cooling issue on the regulator, our MX put a new cooling duct in providing more cooling to the regulator and problem solved!

Kevin Roberts (8/2/11)

Made a fuel stop in Napes on a Saturday afternoon and the plane wouldn't restart. We were very surprised when a live person answered the call to Rex Air. They immediately requested a tow for us and started making calls to get a tech experienced with our type plane to diagnose the problem. A replacement part was located within 2 hours. The part had to be shipped in, but the 0ld bart had been removed and the plane was ready for the new part to be put in as soon as it arrived. I was very impressed with the care given to the plane as it was being repaired. The staff is very professional and courteous.

Chris Silver (7/31/11)

I flew into Naples to visit a friend who was flying at RexAir. When I pulled up to the ramp, Al Rex greeted me and offered any assistance that I may need. He offered me overnight tiedown and a ride. Great customer service goes all long way in my book. I will definitely stop in at RexAir again.

Bruce Welt (6/18/11)

Great folks, great service. RexAir is my new home away Hom home in Naples (KAPFN Thanks for everyîhing!

Dana Pyle (4/5/11)

Just a great place all around. Lisa Rex and Al all very helpful and a family run atmosphere!

Carlos Claudio (3/18/11)

This is the best Flight School/Maintenance Facility on the field. I may be bias being a tenant in KAPF but they did a great job on my aircraft's annual so that's why I'm placing this comment.

Judge Tudor Owen, UK PPL (3/14/11)

Lisa Gasteiger (Rex's wife) demonstrated what I found to be the ethos of RexAir the moment I walked through the door to enquire about renting a C172 for a flight to Key West  - welcoming, charming, helpful and professional. When I asked about their aircraft she invited me to inspect them. They were in immaculate condition, and the hangar was spotlessly clean - usually a good sign. Al Russo, my FI for the flight, was an excellent instructor and good company. Rex is obviously entirely straight and I'm confident would satisfactorily resolve any issues which might arise.

Dedication to customer satisfaction was second to none that I've experienced over a few decades' flying in the UK and several other parts of the world, including other states in the US. I'm not surprised Rexair has such a good reputation.

Tom Kurtz (2/8/11)

Another great service experience with RexAir. I tied down with RexAir in mid-January after flying from Ohio. The next day Rex called me to tell me about a potential maintenance issue with the airplane that he had noticed. Not only did they address the problem, but they also washed the airplane (which was pretty dirty from winter in Ohio). RexAir staff are friendly and professional, while paying great attention to detail.

Steve Harrington Chesterfield Twp MI (1/19/11)

I am a student pilot completing my private certificate in Michigan I also have a vacation home in Naples and was down for the New Years holiday. Wanting to get a few extra hours of practice work prior to taking my check ride, I thought I would check out RexAir. It was an excellent choice! I got 6 hours of time in a well equipped and maintained C 172 with a very competent instructor, Jim Fogarty. The experience was absolutely worth the time. I fully intend to make RexAir the home for my Florida training and renting experience. I can't wait to get some time in the Cirrus!

Capt. Steve Durrell, British Airways, Airbus Fleet LHR (09/03/10)

During the past thirty years, I’ve hired aircraft from rental operations all over the U.S.  In that time I’ve seen just about every standard across the spectrum. Then by chance I came across RexAir – Wow! Aircraft that are always clean and maintained beyond the minimum, a hangar that is both clean and tidy and engineers that are clearly proud to be there. Couple this with great operations staff and first rate instructors and it becomes clear to see that RexAir is a passion driven, safe operation. If you are just starting out in aviation either for fun or professionally, you’d do well to pay Rex a visit.  To demonstrate my level of confidence in their operation, my son had his first lesson some weeks ago and will returning regularly for more!

Tyler Levine (07/14/10)

Had my first two flying lessons from Al Russo at RexAir and have to say I’m completely hooked on the experience. He provided a complete sense of safety while giving me a sense of control and adventure. The in-class and flight lessons were informative, interactive, challenging, scenic and gave me more than I was looking for in a beginner experience. Thanks Al and RexAir!!!

Todd Gregory (05/24/10)

I recently got my S Cirrus transition thru RexAir and thru Al Russo and I was very pleased with the results. The staff is on top of their game and the aircraft are very well maintained. No problem with renting the planes anytime I want… Thanks again everyone.

Lars Bosse, Germany (05/14/10)

Perfect for hour building. I had the C172 & C182. Airplanes are in perfect condition and the staff is not just fair, all of them are also very friendly!! I just can recommend this school!!!!! I look fwd to fly there again.

Lee Johnson (05/04/10)

I recently completed my Cirrus transition training at RexAir. If you are reading this and plan on learning to fly Cirrus aircraft this is hands down the only place you want to go! From the friendly and professional staff to the absolute outstanding instruction, I don’t believe RexAir can be beat. Their equipment is highly maintained and the family atmosphere makes learning easy and fun!

Jay Bruber, CEO BankCardServices Worldwide (04/22/10)

I’m a pilot from St. Paul Minnesota, I was vacationing with my family in Naples and my 14-year-old autistic son wanted to go flying, he loves planes. I found RexAir and I can’t say enough great things about this company and my experience. I took an instructor, Jim Fogarty, who did a fantastic job. He knew the area which made the flying very enjoyable. We had such a great experience we rented again four days later. I would highly recommend RexAir.

Tom Kurtz (04/13/10)

I have had excellent customer service and flight instruction experiences with RexAir. First, I had an outstanding IPC that involved some of the best ground and simulator instruction that I have ever had (and I am a CFII). Additionally, I recently tied-down with RexAir while stopping through Naples. In addition to calling to find out what time I would be departing (to make sure the plane was ready), they also washed the airplane. RexAir is a first class operation with a team of competent, friendly and professional individuals.

Terry Claussen (04/08/10)

I rented a C182 from RexAir during a recent visit. Al Russo performed my checkout and is an outstanding CFI. The staff was a great help in making sure that my large payload sightseeing trip went off with minimal effort. I highly endorse RexAir.

Bryan Barlow (02/06/09)

Thank you for all of the customized service while I was here at RexAir.  The accomplishment of this life goal has been very fulfilling.  I was very pleased with the entire experience and impressed with your entire staff, especially Al who is a true professional and an absolute asset to your school.

Jeff Bolick (01/28/09)

Thanks very much and I appreciate the service you provide.  It has been great flying in Florida and I plan to fly here for a long time.  Joe has been absolutely awesome.  He is the best instructor that I have ever flown with.  Thanks again.

Christian & Karin Kern (10/28/08)

We are back in Austria!  Thank you all very much for your support and great hospitality.  We learned a lot (many thanks to Joe and Jim), and we appreciate very much the experience we had.  We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Thomas McBride (08/26/08)

Thank you so much Lisa.  I just want to tell all of you how happy I am at Rexair.  It has been my pleasure to represent such an amazing flight school.  I look foward to each and every flight at Rexair and I will continue to give 110% on every lesson I give.  Please extent my appreciation to Mr. McBride for allowing me to fly in such great company and experience! 

Mark Silvert (05/05/08) (

Rex Air is a family run business, Lisa and her Dad. I have never taken lessons there, but have rented their beautiful Cirrus's, super friendly, the ONLY place I would recommend to rent from in Naples, FL.

Jim Stiger (05/03/08)

Lisa and Jack, it is not often you get a CFI that is willing to go the extra mile at the request of the pilot under instruction.  I somehow talked Jack into standing in the middle of the runway at Marathon when there was an aircraft on final approach!! Thanks for the great flight and gracious courtesies that were shown to me on Friday.  I can tell the the Fish symbol is more than a symbol at RexAir.  I look forward to my next flight.  I will try to stop by to get more familiar with the cockpit layout, the avionics and the checklist.  See you soon.

Jim Stiger (Micah 6:8)

Annabelle Vultee (05/01/08)

That’s great.  You guys have been awesome to work with.  I appreciate all your help locally in Naples.  I hope to be sending more people your way soon.

All the best,

Annabelle Vultee
Chief Operating Officer
AirShares Elite, Inc.

Dominik Kauertz (04/23/08)
It was a real pleasure to fly with RexAir!
Both Jitka and myself really enjoyed the stay in Naples and to discover Florida by air. We are already planning to come over end of this year to get more flight time and - to potentially fly to the Bahamas ;-)
Thank you again for your support!  Extremely professional. well organized, friendly & welcoming attitude of the entire crew. Highly motivated flight instructors. Well maintained and equipped aircrafts. New aircraft models with newest avionics. It is a pleasure to fly with RexAir! 
Best regards to the entire RexAir team from Munich,

Isaac Kohen (12/23/07)

Rented a 182 G1000 from RexAir. Clean, well maintained plane, and a very friendly staff. Will be back!

Rick Zona  (11/28/07)

RexAir is a very professional flight school with excellent instructors and airplanes and an extremely friendly and coureous environment in which to continue flight training and rent airplanes.  The Cirrus SR20 is a great aircraft.  I recommend RexAir without reservation.

Rick Kufta (09/2007)

Lisa and Rex... I have spent a considerable amount of my time and money with your organization, and there are several reasons that I plan on continuing to do so. One of the major ones is that I am most comfortable with Jack's style of instruction. I could see where some students would be more receptive to a younger instructor, or a more structured one; I happen to treasure the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a real love of flying, that Jack brings to your organization.

Joshua Giordano (09/2007)

Thank you for providing this opportunity so that I may express my satisfaction with RexAir.  I was impressed day one when I was greeted by you and your father on my first day of flying.  I like the idea that I can speak with Rex at anytime and know that he is there to listen and provide instruction too.  You have always been helpful and answer any questions I may have promptly.  I have never felt like I needed to hesitate to ask a question, to any employees of RexAir, in fear that I would feel stupid.  I think this is a very important point. Joe Monaldi is an excellent instructor.  Joe is clear, precise, respectful, knowledgeable, and understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in the aircraft.  I would like for you to know that he is very respectful of your equipment and facility.  I look forward to every lesson with Joe and feel very good with my progress.  Your service personnel are also friendly and easy to talk with.

Randall Keny (07/26/07)

You guys have a class A operation going there, lots of courtesy, clean, aircraft were well taken care of.  I'll be back when I'm down there again.

Dennis Frett (04/25/07)

During my recent long weekend, I needed to arrange an oil change for my Cherokee during my stay. Ken was terrific in arranging the service on short notice and providing the most professional customer service I've ever encountered in light aircraft maintenance. His service was timely, efficient, convenient, and as agreed. I highly recommend Rexair and Ken and his co-workers for any service you may require while in Naples. Thanks Ken, for being so helpful.  
John Barlow (02/19/07)

Hi Lisa,
I want you to know how much I enjoy learning how to fly. You, Rex, Jack and Ed are a great team. I really like your new facility. It's convenient and is much better for getting to the plane than your previous location. Thanks again.  

Philip Silvert (01/20/07)

I should very much like to thank you once again for a most enjoyable few hours learning the many functions of the Cirrus. As always over the many years we have known each other, you have taught Mark basically from ab initio to his current annoying, from my perspective, high level of competence. It has always been not only instructive but very enjoyable flying with you. Mark & I will fly there together at Christmas, if not sooner. With every best wishes to you for the coming year.

Col. Ben Knisely (01/16/07)

Lisa.... this is one of the reasons I choose you folks to be "my partners" in this aviation endeavor ... both you and your father have displayed a very professional approach and your office (albeit crowded) comes across as being "organized" and has its "stuff together"....  I have been around long enough to know that this just doesn't happen by chance is so because of the way you run the business ....I look forward to getting started with Joe ... regards, ben

Anne Menkveld (01/11/07)

Dear Lisa,
We all gone home, back to Peking/China and Bas plus his family back to Holland and missing wonderful Naples! This was a great vacation, the
weather was just perfect (although the last day it got a little cooler) great to do some flying and freshen up my pilot skills. Cessna N53352 is a great little airplane.

Lisa, thank you so much for all you help and support and special thanks to your father. Bas is still 'up in the clouds' - a proud owner of a solo certificate! Pete did a great job. Hope to return end of this year, it was a great pleasure meeting you all at RexAir!

Bas Menkveld (01/11/07)

Thanks again for all the things you, Pete and Rex have done. We had a really nice time in Naples. Would it be possible to send the picture with me and Pete again? Thanks, and I hope to see you all later.

Ware Fuller (12/26/06)

As a visitor from the north, I recently had a very pleasant BFR with Joe.  You run a comfortable and professional operation with good equipment, and I plan to rent from you in the future.

Cristian Page (11/02/06)

I have been flying with RexAir since July 2006 and it is an excellent flight school. Very friendly staff and their instructors provide excellent instruction. Treatment is of the highest order with online scheduling and a homely welcome back from a flight out. I have just been checked out in their new Cirrus SR20 and it is a fantastic aircraft, and their cirrus instructor Joe is outstanding. I would highly recommend RexAir for aircraft rental and flight training. Many Thanks all at RexAir.

Thomas Gloor, Chris Mueller, Alex Amberg and Oliver Kaepelli

I have placed some pictures of our stay on my website, commentary to follow
Website no longer available - sorry no photos.

Tom Freitag, Germany
Biennial Flight Review

Before starting my vacation in Naples I contacted a lot of local flying schools and charter companies via E-mail and received only one answer, which proved very unsatisfying. Most of the companies did not answer my inquiries. Then I was given the address of RexAir by a friend. Only one hour after sending my first E-mail, I received very detailed answers from Rex to all my questions for planning a flying vacation. Rex is a very professional pilot and instructor and definitely able to give the best possible support. Foreign pilots will find his English easily understandable. For those however, who prefer being instructed in German, Markus, his Swiss colleague, will be ready to offer his services. Rex has numerous airplanes available, all of which are clean and in good condition. I received a new Biennial Flight Review and endorsements with Rex and I am looking forward to using his services again during my next vacation in Naples. Currently, I am studying for CPL and IFR in Germany and it will be a pleasure for me to receive further instruction from RexAir, in the US, in the not too distant future.

Peter Born, Germany
Private Pilot Certificate

I just want to thank you very much again for all your help, your passions, and your over-all, absolutely perfect support while finishing my US PPL. I really learned a lot and had, in addition, a wonderful time in Naples. Also, my mother enjoyed her stay so much that she is constantly thinking how to arrange a longer stay in Naples while Europe is having it's wintertime. I was also very pleased to meet your local FAA Designated Examiner who was a very understanding and fair guy.

David A. Stuart, Naperville, IL
Multi-Engine Rating

Rex Gasteiger is the type of instructor to whom I would refer my closest friends.

Wolfram Pfahler, Germany
Private Pilot Certificate

Naples is a fantastic place for spending one's vacation and for flying. RexAir, Inc. offered everything a pilot might need: nice and well maintained airplanes, excellent instructions, very pleasant accommodations, friendly help whenever necessary, interest in the individual goals of the person, and always a friendly and personal atmosphere. I have held a German Pilot License for several years; however, flying at RexAir I have gained many valuable and new experiences, like night flights, instrument flights, and special maneuvers. I have learned a lot and finally completed my American Private Pilot Certificate. I am looking forward to returning to RexAir for further flight instruction.

Veit Theig, Germany
Aircraft Checkout and Hour Building

I would like to thank you for the good time in Naples. Everything worked out so easily and very well. We enjoyed flying there so much. Thank you very much for that.

Darek Merkel, Naples, Florida
Certificate Flight Instructor

Just like the previous certifications, I have never felt more prepared or confident. Rex helped me meet my deadline and made my CFI certification the best gift I have ever received.

Rod Ashmore, Naples, Florida
Private Pilot Certificate

Working with RexAir was a relaxing, rewarding experience. They are true professionals who cater to the needs of their customers. I highly recommend their services.

Harald Meier, Germany
Biennial Flight Review

Rex is a really good instructor. The way Rex takes care of each customer is the best I can imagine and that's what makes RexAir different from other flight schools. No one is treated like a number. Rex is only satisfied if he meets your needs exactly

Jeremy Vandersluis, Switzerland
Certified Flight Instructor

To say that my experiences with Rex and RexAir have been good would be an understatement. From my first contact with Rex, almost a year ago, I was put at ease. Rex made my goal his first priority. His motivation helped to keep me focused on the task at hand. I had been disappointed by impersonal service and unprofessional treatment which I received at other schools, but RexAir has been nothing but a positive experience for me. As an international student based in Switzerland, I was troubled by time pressure. Rex was able to assure me that the task I had set for myself could be accomplished in the time available; he handled the scheduling of my flights and ground school. I came away with my Commercial Multi-engine Instrument Certificate on the first attempt, but more importantly, I was convinced that my time and money had been well spent and that my piloting skills had improved significantly. My second experience with RexAir was equally positive; I obtained my flight instructor certification on the first attempt. The study for the CFI exam was arduous and without the instruction and support I received at RexAir, I am sure that I would have been unable to complete my preparations in time. I have no hesitation in recommending RexAir to any prospective pilot, to any pilot wishing to improve or upgrade his skills, and particularly to foreign students and those with time pressures.

Thomas Glinka, Germany
Intsrument (IFR) Rating

I went to Naples with the intention to pass the IFR-Rating. After a detailed conversation with Rex I felt it was the right decision to start my training program with RexAir. The instructors are very professional and there was always a very personal atmosphere. The training curriculum was very individualized and Rex took great care that I reached my IFR goal. I'm very happy about the cooperation that RexAir provided and I will recommend this business to my friends. Thank you very much RexAir. I'm sure I'll come again.

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